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Weekly Service

Christmas ​Monday, December 25

Winter Schedule:

Sunday Service • 11 a.m.
Fellowship Luncheon 
after a.m. service 
followed by Bible Study. 

Wednesday • 6 p.m.
Bible Study & Prayer Meeting:

4792 Route 414
Romulus, NY

Bible Literature Missionary Foundation – The Lemmon family

Missionaries to Ethiopia – The Milar family

Missionaries to Germany – The Hauser family

Missionary to India – Brother Farnum

Missionary to Isreal – The Leonard Fogel

Missionaries to Japan – The Brigham family

Missionaries to Malawi and South Africa – The Fluech family

Missionaries to Sicily – The Leib family

Missionaries to Switzerland and South Asia – The Verhoef family

Missionaries to the Ukraine – The Keough family

Blanche Hamilton Former missionary / Florida widow 
Active witnessing & still passing out tracks.